The Rating System

Five-Star Rating System uses a standard five-star system to rate the overall enjoyability of a film — i.e. 1 star = terrible, 2 stars = bad, 3 stars = good, 4 stars = great, 5 stars = exceptional.

The Atlas Shrugged trilogy of films is notable in that these films are branded with a zero star rating and come with a warning from Mr. Smith to stay away from such abominations for the love of god and your own life.



The Three Seals of Approval

If per chance a film has an exceptional amount of two key science fiction qualities, it will be awarded a seal of approval featuring’s intrepid mascot, Roy, who braves the harsh climes of interstellar space to heroically uncover only the best in sci-fi goodness!

Pew Pew Approved means that a film has a decent amount of science fiction action. The titled is derived from the sound one makes when one mimics a laser blaster —

“Pew pew!”


Cat Food Approved means that a film has a decent amount of social commentary. Long has science fiction been used to make observations about our own, less bizarre world, and human behaviour in general. The cat food is a reference to the film District 9, in which a race of downtrodden aliens get a catnip-like rush from the meaty goodness of feline feast.


Pew Pew Cat Food Approved means that a film has a decent amount of BOTH of the above-mentioned qualities. These are of course the most heroic of science fiction films, as they keep us entertained whilst also making us think about the world around us.


The Botany Bay Award For Exceptional Sci-Fi Villainy

Science fiction movies boast some of the greatest villains in town. This award will be handed out whenever a film contains one of these great and terrible figures.